Here we are's time to pass Tiggy on to the (more than) capable hands of Oylum & Jad from Mankoushe.

Come and join us from midday for our last meal (Tacos!!!!)
And this evening from 5:30 for Mankoushe's first meal (Falafels & Friends)

Thanks to everyone for everything – we've had a hell of a time.

Much love,
Sarah & Julia 


Here we are at the edge
with one last rice bowl

feat a few of my favourite things right now:
- oven roasted mushrooms
- miso-glazed eggplant
- greens with fresh ginger
- crispy skin chicken
& fluffy rice

I may have lost my marbles
or it could be a yum time.






by Xtina

come and sip on this sweet hot thing for one last time....
(although.... you might be able to find it in Christina's upcoming mex-in-melb-venture)



Ok-aaaay! It's the last week before we hand the reins over to the good folk of Mankoushe ~

Today we're serving up some Okinawa Taco Rice.

Tomorrow our good friend Nayran Tabiei is here to cook a Syrian Feast.

Wednesday old mate Christina is back with her famed Mexican Tortilla Soup.

Come on over and say hi/bye.

(ALSO – in the spirit of Hi's & Byes we will be having some drinks Friday from 5:30-9:00 with yummy food from Mankoushe ~ if you're around please come along!)

xx Julia & Sarah


We've got a clean little Japanese plate for you today, some nice simple flavours to spend time with this crisp winter day.

And a flour-less choc & hazelnut torte