Sandy's Warm Indian curry w/ sweet and kipfler potatoes and eggplant.

Served with a Mint Raita, a Fresh grape & herb salad and housemate chapitas.


We also have sandwiches today!

Roast chicken, roast carrot, kale pesto, spinach and sesame.  




Today, Sandy Ho is slow-roasting a lamb shoulder and stuffing eggplants with mushroom, with a fresh tabouli of bulgar, cucumber and tomato on a sweet potato mash 

Come by early, we've been selling out around 1:30 at the mo!!

Here's some of Sandy's recent food adventures below ~ http://www.sandyho.com


Lunch today is an Okinawa Taco Rice or 'takoraisu' with mince beef or eggplant & tofu mince, fresh tom salsa, shredded iceberg lettuce, avo & natural yoghurt 


Sandy Ho is in the house!!! 

Today she's preparing a Japanese-style lunch plate with ginger, lemongrass fish or tofu, miso roasted greens, pineapple, cucumber pickle and an onigiri. 

If you can't make it today, she'll be in again on Friday but don't miss her beautiful cooking. 

Enjoy the sun (when it comes!)