We love food


Tiggy cares about food. Eating is one of the most intimate things you do, and when you put things inside you you want to know that it’s the good stuff. Good quality, well-made, nothing unnecessary. And of course yummy. Like ‘oh my’ and ‘wait a minute,’ stop-you-in-your-tracks kinda yummy.

And it's hard – working all day, keeping on top of emails, feeding yourself. Making eye contact. Breathing out. Being human.

So we're here to help out. Monday-Fridays in a little space in Collingwood we serve up one delicious & nutritious meal each day (plus a selection of sweet and savoury counter offerings). We draw inspiration from every delicious thing we've ever tasted and every meal we've seen prepared. We take our lead from the rhythm of the seasons, the produce that excites us – and the weather forecast.


Our community

Schoolhouse Studios is an unseasonably warm day, a refreshing drink, and an unexpected compliment.
It's snorting while you laugh and laughing at your snort –
It's something everyone can enjoy.

In waiting for day one. Photo by Jesse Thompson.

In waiting for day one. Photo by Jesse Thompson.


...and we do so much more than that

Dinner parties. Party-parties. Catering. Events.

If you think it's a good idea,
If you think we might be into it,
Please shoot us a line –