Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder OR Charred Tahini Eggplant

w/ warm pumpkin, green bean, silverbeet & herb salad
golden basmati pilaf
topped with fresh pomegranates, yogurt and toasted almonds


Plus a gluten free almond, polenta & lemon cake :)


The Return of Okinawa Taco Rice!!!

Ground beef or sautéed mushrooms

w/fluffy white rice, roast sweet potato, iceberg salad, salsa & avocado :)


Mid-week Immunity Boost Bowl

A warming winter selection of oven-roast cauliflower, spiced sweet potatos, eggplant curry w greens, split-pea dahl with cabbage thoran (fried cabbage with coconut and mustard seeds), brown rice & yoghurt

Everyone is a bit under the weather at the mo so we thought we'd serve something to fire the immune system back up!


A Vietnamese *inspired* Rice Bowl ;)

Steamed white rice, fresh herb salad, pickled cucumber & carrots

served w/crispy tofu or caramelised pork cooked with ginger & mild chilli

*** tiggy has to close @ 1:45pm sharp today folks ***